About CCRI's Hello Broadway Program

A totally endowed musical theatre program at the Community College of Rhode Island, Hello Broadway is celebrating over six years of success showcasing a culmination of work and talent of student performers!

The workshop and performance experience is to prepare and perform a musical revue, drawing from old and new musicals. Open to all college students. Each student in the cast represents approximately $1,000.00 in endowed tuition if they each had to pay for the experience!

Funding is partly from student government through the Music Club and partly from private donors. Consider becoming a donor for "Hello Broadway!" to help further musical theater for young performers. Click Here for more information

"Two of Hearts" are the mentors for this experience—Audrey Kaiser and Carol Lyon. More information about their cabaret act can be found here.

CCRI's Hello Broadway — A Musical Revue of New and Old Broadway Shows
The NEW Bobby Hackett Theatre, Knight Campus
400 East Avenue, Warwick, RI
Box Office: 401-825-1135

Contact Information

Dr. Audrey Kaiser

  • Associate Professor
  • Website Content Manager


Production Staff

Dr. Audrey Kaiser

Carol Lyon
Vocal Coach/Co-Producer

Teresa Rath Pearson

Box Office:  


Last Updated: 12/5/17