About CCRI's Hello Broadway Program

A totally endowed musical theatre program at the Community College of Rhode Island, Hello Broadway is celebrating 10 years of success showcasing a culmination of work and talent of student performers!

The workshop and performance experience is to prepare and perform a musical revue, drawing from old and new musicals. It is open to all college students, and each student in the cast represents approximately $1,000 in endowed tuition if each had to pay for the experience!

Funding is partly from student government through the Music Club and partly from private donors. Consider becoming a donor for "Hello Broadway!" to help further musical theater for young performers. Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

"Two of Hearts" are the mentors for this experience — Audrey Kaiser and Carol Lyon. More information about their cabaret act can be found here.

CCRI's Hello Broadway — A Musical Revue of New and Old Broadway Shows
Bobby Hackett Theater, Knight Campus
400 East Ave., Warwick, RI
Box office: 401-825-1135

Contact Information

Dr. Audrey Kaiser

  • Professor of Music
  • Website Content Manager


Production Staff

Dr. Audrey Kaiser

Carol Lyon
Vocal Coach/Co-Producer

Teresa Rath Pearson

Box Office:  


Last Updated: 7/30/18