Resource Management Committee

Purpose: preparing for the budget request cycle, analyze impact of the tuition model, anticipate major changes at the college, and drive redirection of funds.

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
Business Office Representative (Appointed by VPBA) Ruth Barrington 2017 2019
Controller's Office Representative (Appointed by VPBA) Dave Rawlinson 2017 2019
Vice President of Business Affairs  Vacant    
Student Affairs Representative  Mark Vigorito 2017 2019
Academic Dean (Appointed by VPAA)  Tom Sabbagh 2017 2019
Academic Dean (Appointed by VPAA)  Ruth Sullivan 2017 2019
KC Facilities Representative (Appointed by VPBA) Ken McCabe 2017 2019
FL Facilities Representative (Appointed by VPBA) David Snow 2017 2019
CCRIFA President/Designee Steve Murray 2018 2020
PV Facilities Representative (Appointed by VPBA) Jim Reedy 2017 2019
Department Chairperson Kevin Salisbury 2018 2020
Department Chairperson  Vacant    
Department Chairperson  Vacant    
CWCE Representative (Appointed by VPWFD) Vacant    
Information Technology Representative (Apointed by CIO)  Anthony Dzikiewicz 2017 2019
Student Representative  Vacant    
Student Representative  Vacant    

Contact Information

There is currently no chairperson for the Resource Management Committee. Contact Lizzie Pollock, Interim Governance Compliance Facilitator at with questions. 

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