Health and Safety Committee

Purpose: To make recommendations towards providing a safe and healthy environment for all campuses, faculty, staff, students and visitors by supporting policies, changes and or procedures for dealing with dangerous or potentially harmful conditions.

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
CCRIFA/Designee  Steven Murray 2018 2020
School Nurse  Angela Marshall 2017 2019
Facilities Representative
(Appointed by VPBA) 
Ken McCabe 2017 2019
Threat Assessment Representative  Joseph Arsenault 2017 2019
Threat Assessment Representative  Helen Ducharme 2017 2019
Communications Director  Vacant    
Campus Police Representative
(Appointed by head of Campus Police) 
Norman Mageau 2017 2019
Student Representative Michael Wynn 2017 2019
Student Representative  Vacant    
Business Office Representative
(Appointed by VPAA)
Annmarie McMahon 2017 2019
Academic Affairs Representative
(Appointed by VPAA) 
Hilary Hall Jansson 2017 2019
KC Faculty Representative  Kevin Crawford 2017 2019
FL Faculty Representative  Francine Luizzi-Bench 2017 2019
NCC Faculty Representative  Marisa Laurent 2017 2019
PV Faculty Representative  Laura Ryan 2017 2019
Student Services Representative  Michael Cunningham 2017 2019
Information Technology Representative  Mike McNally 2017 2019
ESPA Union Representative  Leslie Florio 2017 2019
CCRIFA Representative James Salisbury 2017 2019

Contact Information

Joseph Arsenault
Committee Chairperson

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