Governance Coordinating Committee

Purpose: To ensure compliance with the procedures of the Governance Document, provide guidance to committee Chairs and other members of the college in administering shared governance, serve as a communication hub between and among Governance committees, and provide continuing evaluation of the current governance structure.  

The Governance Coordinating Committee was formed in December 2018 as the result of the work of the Governance Exploratory Committee, an ad hoc committee that was formed to evaluate CCRI's Governance process. 

Minutes and agendas from past meetings of the Governance Exploratory Committee and the Governance Coordinating Committee can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

What's New

Governance Exploratory Committee Established
Based on the responses from the governance survey in the spring of 2016, there is agreement that governance at CCRI could be improved. This committee would research and propose modifications to the current governance structure.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
Student Affairs Bob Cipolla 2017 2019
AHSS Faculty Deb Lilli 2017 2019
HARS Faculty John Rood 2017 2019
Student Affairs Marian Fattore 2017 2019
LRC Faculty Melanie Soter 2018 2020
Finance and Strategy Pam Christman 2018 2020
Finance and Strategy Vacant    
Finance and Strategy Ruth Barrington 2018 2020
At-Large Faculty Vacant    
Student Affairs Tracy Karasinski 2017 2019
CCRIFA President/Designee Leslie Killgore 2018  2020 
BSAT Faculty Vacant    
At-Large Faculty William Dalessio 2018 2020
Chair, Distance Learning Advisory Committee Beth Anish 2019 2021
Chair, General Education Committee Shawn Parker 2019 2021
Chair, Academic Quality Assessment Committee Jeanne McColl 2019 2021
Chair, Academic Quality Assessment Committee Kim Rouillier 2019 2021
Chair, Academic Advisory Committee Ray Killduff 2019 2021
Chair, Department Chairs Committee Kim Rouillier 2019 2021
Chair, Resource Management Committee Vacant 2019 2021
Chair, Health and Safety Committee Joseph Arsenault 2019 2021
Chair, Educational Spaces Committee Kathleen Gazolla 2019 2021
Chair, Administrative Technology Committee Jaime Nash 2019 2021
Chair, Academic Computing Committee Vacant 2019 2021
Chair, Calendar Committee Cathy Picard Tessier 2019 2021
Chair, American with Disabilities Act Committee Sheri Norton  2019 2021
Chair, American with Disabilities Act Committee Tracy Karasinski 2019 2021
Chair, Student Advisory Committee Julie Galleshaw 2019 2021
Governance Facilitator  Lizzie Pollock 2019 2021

Contact Information

There is currently no Chairperson for the Governance Coordinating Committee. Please contact Committee Secretary, Lizzie Pollock at with any questions. 

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