Educational Spaces Committee

 Purpose: To support learning via a sound, safe, appropriate environment mindful of efficient use of the college’s physical facilities.

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
CWCE Representative  Jaime Nash 2017 2019
Information Technology Representative  Adam Paul 2017 2019
Business Office Representative
(Appointed by VPBA) 
Annmarie McMahon 2017 2019
Academic Affairs Representative
(Appointed by VPAA) 
Melissa Fama 2018 2020
KC Faculty Representative  Deb Grande 2017 2019
FL Faculty Representative  Mark Zellers 2017 2019
NCC Faculty Representative  Linda Cross 2017 2019
PV Faculty Representative  Emily Burns 2017 2019
Department Chairperson Kathleen Gazzola 2017 2019
Enrollment Services Representative  Cathy Picard-Tessier 2017 2019
Information Technology Representative (Appointed by CIO)  Linda Richard 2017 2019
Physical Plant Representative
(Appointed by Dir. Administration) 
Ken McCabe 2017 2019
Facilities Representative  Edna Mattson 2017 2019
CCRIFA President/Designee Lilia Amaral 2018 2020
Student Representative  Vacant 2017 2019
Student Representative  Vacant 2017 2019


Contact Information

Kathleen Gazzola
Committee Chairperson

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