Distance Learning Advisory Committee

Purpose: Address matters pertaining to online course quality, evaluation, delivery, structure.

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
BSAT Faculty Member Vacant    
BSAT Faculty Member  Vacant    
BSAT Faculty Member  JoAnn Warren 2017 2019
BSAT Faculty Member  Maggie Burke 2017 2019
AHSS Faculty Member  Inglish Morgan  Gardner 2018 2020
AHSS Faculty Member  Jim Glickman 2017 2019
AHSS Faculty Member  Bill Pellicio 2017 2019
AHSS Faculty Member  Natalie Coletta 2018 2020
HARS Faculty Member  Jennifer Hurrell 2017 2019
HARS Faculty Member   Francine Luizzi-Bench 2017 2019
HARS Faculty Member   Vacant    
HARS Faculty Member   Lila Amaral 2018 2020
LRC Faculty Member   Marla Wallace 2017 2019
At-Large Faculty Member Vacant 2018 2020
Assessment Coordinator
(Appointed by VPAA) 
Academic Affairs Coordinator (Appointed by VPAA)  Karen Bellnier 2017 2019
Academic Dean (Appointed by VPAA)  Tom Sabbagh 2018 2020
Instructional Support Representative (Appointed by IS)  MaryAdele Combe 2017 2019
Administrative Programming Representative 
(Appointed by CIO) 
Mike Daley  2018 2019
User Support Representative
(Appointed by CIO)
Vacant 2017 2019
Enrollment Services Representative
(Appointed by AVPSS) 
Jude Tomasino 2017 2019
Disability Services Representative (Appointed by AVPSS)  Helen Ducharme 2017 2019
CCRIFA President/Designee Steve Murray 2018 2020
CCRIFA Representative  Cecile Roberti 2017 2019
Full-Time Faculty Member (At-Large)  R. Scott Warila 2017 2019
Full-Time Faculty Member (At-Large)  Beth Anish 2018 2020
Student Representative  Vacant 2017 2019
Student Representative   Vacant 2017 2019

Contact Information

Beth Anish
Committee Chairperson

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