Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee

Purpose:  Formed to ensure an open, welcoming campus climate that is fully accessible for all persons.

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes
Area Incumbent Term Start Term End
Dean of Students  Michael Cunningham 2017 2019
Advising and Counseling Representative  Millie Blessing 2017 2019
Academic Dean (Appointed by VPAA)  Geraldine Levitre 2018 2020
Dean of Nursing and Rehab Health  Hilary Hall Jansson 2018 2020
Full-Time Faculty Member  Vacant    
Full-Time Faculty Member  Julie Galleshaw 2017 2019
Disability Services Representative  Brenda McGill 2017 2019
Enrollment Services Representative  Robert Giovino 2017 2019
Human Resources Representative  Sheri Norton 2017 2019
Physical Plant Representative  David Snow 2017 2019
Information Technology Representative  Michael McNally 2018 2020
Office of the President  Deb Zielinski 2017 2019
CWCE Representative  Jane King 2017 2019
Marketing & Communications Representative  Vacant    
Opportunity and Outreach Representative  Tracy Karasinski 2017 2019
Student Representative  Lianne Noel 2017 2019
Student Representative  Jasmine Russell   2018 2020 
CCRIFA President/Designee Heidi Henry 2018 2020






Contact Information

Sheri Norton
Committee Co-Chairperson

Tracy Karasinksi
Committee Co-Chairperson

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