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Community College of Rhode Island

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Contact Information

Lizzie Pollock
Interim Governance Compliance Facilitator

Election Results

CCRI Governance Councils
Spring 2009


Kay Johnson, Faculty  Business, Science & Technology
Maddie Josephs, Faculty  Health & Rehabilitative Sciences
Robert Melucci Faculty  Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Laura Ryan, Faculty  Library
Natalie Coletta, Department Chair
Kate Dunnigan, Department Chair
Joseph Garvey, Department Chair
Kathy Gazzola, Department Chair
Dorcas Haller, Department Chair
Jerry Hatfield, Department Chair
Terry Squizzero, Department Chair
Denise Yordy, Department Chair
Rob Giovino, Professional Staff
John Panzica, Non-Union, Member-at Large
*Vacant  Student


John Rapczak, Faculty (Flanagan)
Lee Chartier, Faculty (Knight)
Joanne Orabone, Faculty (Liston)
Kim Rouillier, Faculty (Newport)
Thomas Feather, Professional Staff (Flanagan)
Geraldine Peixoto, Professional Staff (Knight)
*Vacant Professional Staff (Liston)
Dan Persaud, Professional Staff (Newport)
Kristen Garvey, Classified Staff (Flanagan)
*Vacant Classified Staff (Knight)
*Vacant Classified Staff (Liston)
*Vacant Classified Staff (Newport)
Christine Jenkins, Non-Union, Member-at-Large


Kathy Gazzola, Faculty
Cathy Tessier, Professional Staff
Edna Mattson, Professional Staff
Robert Antonsen, Classified Staff (Flanagan)
Michael Archetto, Classified Staff (Knight)
Robert Considine, Classified Staff (Newport)
Thomas Kurowski, Classified Staff (Newport)
*Vacant Classified Staff (Liston)
Bill Ferland, Non-Union, Member-at-Large
*Vacant Student (Flanagan)
*Vacant Student (Knight)
Andre Joseph, Student (Liston)
*Vacant Student (Newport)


Chairs of each council
Alicia Lyon, Department Chair (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)
John Ribezzo, Department Chair (Business, Science & Technology)
Kim Rouillier, Department Chair (Health & Rehabilitative Sciences)
*Vacant Department Chair (Library)
Richard Coren, Professional Staff
Kevin Salisbury, Professional Staff
Richard Swearingen, Classified Staff
*Vacant Classified Staff
Annmarie McMahon, Non-Union, Member-at-Large
Richard Tessier, Campus Representative (Flanagan)
Sandra Sneesby, Campus Representative (Knight)
Catherine Poirier, Campus Representative (Liston)
Alison Petro, Campus Representative (Newport)


Julie Galleshaw, Faculty (Flanagan)
Jack Every, Faculty (Knight)
Pamela Hallene, Faculty (Liston)
Al Graig, Faculty (Newport)
*Vacant Faculty (Library)
Renee Gaboury, Professional Staff (Flanagan)
Ellen Schulte, Professional Staff (Knight)
Brenda McGill, Professional Staff (Liston)
Deborah Watson, Professional Staff (Newport)
Donna Scattone, Classified Staff
Terrie Kless, Non-Union, Members-at-Large
*Vacant Student (Flanagan)
*Vacant Student (Knight)
*Vacant Student (Liston)
*Vacant Student (Newport)


Denise Lazo, Faculty (Flanagan)
Karen Allen, Faculty (Knight)
*Vacant Faculty (Liston)
William Johnson, Faculty (Newport)
Jaime Nash, Professional Staff (Flanagan)
Dave Fischbach, Professional Staff (Knight)
Sherry Zinn, Professional Staff (Liston)
*Vacant Professional Staff (Newport)
Leslie Kennedy, Classified Staff (Flanagan)
Michael McNally, Classified Staff (Knight)
*Vacant Classified Staff (Liston)
Lynn Gudeczauskas, Classified Staff (Newport)
Bruce Barrett & Linda Richard, Non-Union, Members-at-Large Sharing the position
*Vacant Student
*Vacant Student

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