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General Programs

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Scholarship Minimum GPA Financial Need Campus Specific Incoming Student Current Student Graduating\ Transferring Special Credentials
Ahlijian/Pitts x x      x    x
Andrew and Mary Conroy    x     x    x
Carosi/SkillsUSA  x      x  x   x
CCRI Alumni Association x        x    x
Charles SullivanScholarship for Women Returning to College    x    x      x
Cooperative Education         x   x
David J. Bedrosian-Providence Journal x     x     x
Dr. Domenic DiLuglio x x     x    
Edward J. LIston x x x   x   x
Ferland and DiMaria Student Assistance x x     x   x
John Clarke   x x        
John W. Ruscito x x   x     x
Jonathon Fund   x   x     x
Julie White-Gooding and Antonio Goodingt Minority Student Scholarship x x     x   x
Maria C. Mansella Merit Award x       x   x
Andre Antranig Martiesian Memorial Scholarship x x     x   x
Phi Theta Kappa x x     x   x
Prybyla National Guard   x         x
Ray M. Di Pasquale Academic and Community Service x     x     x
Roberson-Lee   x     x   x
Robert A. SIlvestre         x   x
Valerie Norbury Memorial   x   x     x
Walter and Eileen Jeans Jachna x x     x   x
Woonsocket Kiwanis       x x   x

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