Study Abroad in Spain 2017

Deposit of $150 and completed application below are due by Dec. 15, 2016.

Program cost (after deposit)

  • Option A: July 8-22 (two weeks, 3 credits), $1,300
  • Option B: July 8-29 (three weeks, 6 credits), $1,900

Does not include CCRI tuition. All fees to be paid separately at CCRI's Bursar's Office. If you have questions about payment or the program, please contact:

  • Dr. Hossiri Godo-Solo, Newport County Campus,, or
  • Professor Elizabeth Morais, Liston Campus,
Personal Information
Academic Information


Travel and program requirements (subject to change)

  • CCRI Statement of Responsibility
  • Tia TULA Consent and Release Form
  • Conduct and Behavior Form
  • Tia TULA Housing Form
  • Medical Background Form
  • Trip Insurance Plan proof of purchase
  • Valid passport
  • Recommendation
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment
  • Pre-departure meeting

Last Updated: 10/31/16