NOTE: All files and labs are the property of Cisco� Systems and

are provided here for the sole purpose and use by students enrolled in the

Community College of Rhode Island's CNVT 2030 CCNP SWITCH course.


Lab 1 Preparing the Switch

Lab 3-1 Static VLANS, VLAN Trunking and VTP

Lab 3-2 EtherChannel

Lab 4-1 Implement Spanning Tree Protocols

Lab 4-2 Multiple Spanning Tree

Lab 5-1 Inter-VLAN Routing

Lab 5-2 DHCP

Lab 6-1 First Hop Redundancy Protocols - HSRP and VRRP

LAB 6-2 Hot Standby Router Protocol for IPV6

Lab 6-3 Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP)

Lab 7-1 Synchronizing Campus Network Devices using Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Lab 7-2 Configure Campus Network Devices to support Simple Network management Protocol (SNMPv3)

Lab 8-1 IP Service Level Agreements and Remote SPAN in a Campus Environment

Lab 10-1 Securing Layer 2 Switches

Lab 10-2 Securing VLAN's

IPv6 Packet Tracer Example



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