Introduction to Engineering and Technology ENGR-1020

Spring 2018
Introduction to Engineering and Technology ENGR-1020
CCRI Engineering and Technology  

Jerry Bernardini

Spring 2018

Student Projects

Course Mantra - Think-it, Do-it, Test-it, Fix-it
  • Course Introduction

  • Your Skills and Learning styles

  • Project Based Learning

  • Wind Turbine Project


Module Topics

  1. Course syllabus  Spring 2018
  2. Student information form
  3. Form Project Teams and exchange info.
  4. Effective Team Building **
  5. Team Agreement
  6. Engineering Design Cycle
  7. Management Styles
  8. Comparison of Engineering Technology and Engineering
  9. What is engineering and technology?
  10. Start Resume examples
  11. Create a resume from template
  12. and Project Based Learning (PBL)
  13. What is Project Based Learning (PBL)
  14. Project Based Learning in Higher Education
  15. The Law's of Physics Engineering and Technology
  16. Magnet and electric generator theory
  17. Measure magnet Lab
  18. Excel Tutorials
  19. Excel-Magnet worksheet

Assignments and Homework-01

  1. E-mail to your instructor using subject ENGR-1020-104 from the address you will use for this course. Include name, day and evening telephone numbers.
  2. Complete Excel-Magnet worksheet
  3. Read website Introduction to Magnetism

Top of Page

  1. Wind Turbine Components

  2. Coils and Magnets

  3. Ethical Decision Making  Team formation

  4. Generator and Magnets


  1. Team Contracts
  2. Progress Report-One-Page Sample
  3. Progress Report  Word Template
  4. Magnetism discussion (from reading)
  5. Coils and Magnetic Fields
  6. Wind Turbine  Outline - Modules/Subsystems
  7. Magnet Strength Lab Procedure
  8. Coil wire estimates
  9. Estimate Template

Assignments and Homework-02 

  1. Complete the Magnet Strength Excel spreadsheet
  2. Complete the Wire estimation Excel spread sheet
  3. Read  pages 1-8 Wind technology
  4. Complete resume template using Microsoft Word-due next class
  5. Research Ohm's Law - What is it, what does relate, what are the variables

End Module-02

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  1. Coil Winding

  2. Ohm's Law

  3. Design Process

  4. Prototyping

  5. Modeling

  1. Ohms Law discussion
  2. Ohms Law Review
  3. Excel-Ohms Law Example
  4. Excel-Ohms Law Problem
  5. Generator Model Circuit Analysis
  6. Wind Turbine Objectives
  7. Practical Prototyping Hints
  8. Turbine Prototyping
  9. Functional Block Diagrams
  10. Engineering Design Cycle **
  11. Sketching Basics 
  12. Coil Winding Procedure
  13.  Wind Turbine Fame Assembly

Assignments and Homework-03  - 

  1. Read  pages 9-13 Wind technology
  2. Complete Ohms Law Excel sheet
  3. Read Rapid Prototyping Evolution paper

End Module-03

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Module-04 VAWT Frame ConstructionAccuracyPrecisionGenerator Testing
  1. Accuracy, Repeatability, Precision
  2. VAWT Frame Construction Notes
  3. Turbine Generator Equation
  4. Team Project Status Meeting-Problems and possible solutions-document in Journal
  5. Magnet Stength Measurement Worksheet
  6. Coil area Worksheet
  7. Spin Test Procedure
  8. Sketching evaluations sheetWind turbine materials and tips
  9. Friction and how to reduce

Homework HO-04

  1. Complete Magnet spreadsheet
  2. Complete Coil spreadsheet
  3. Complete Spin test spreadsheet
  4. Meet with your team to plan your wind turbine construction
  5. Complete generator test calculations and graphs
  6. Read VAWT Blade Handout

End Module-04

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  1. Wind Turbine Generator Testing

  2. Wind Turbine Blades

  3. Estimation

  4. Ethical Decision Making

  1. Exam-1
  2. VAWT generator testing Procedure
  3. Generator Test Procedure
  4. Generator Test Sample Data
  5. Generator Test Data Anaysis
  6. Savonius VAWT Introduction
  7. Instructor/Team Meetings-Rubric (Meeting review sheet
  8. Test data journal entries
  9. Ethical Decision Making
  10. Engineering Failures Presentation
  11. Engineering Failures PowerPoint
  12. Learn from Engineering Failures
  13. Engineering Failure web sites
  14. Using Microsoft PowerPoint
  15. Powerpoint Presenations Rubric
  16. PowerPoint Basics
  17. PowerPoint Tips
  18. PowerPoint-Bad Slides
  19. PowerPoint -Good Slides
  20. PowerPoint Hints
  21. Team meetings - Design wind blade unit?

Homework HO-05

  1. Sketch of wind turbine from Team meeting
  2. Generator efficiency - Calculated vs. Measured
  3. Read Ethical Decision Making in Today's Classrooms
  4. Watch Engineering Ethics
  5. Transparency Index discussion
  6. Reseach other wind turbine blade sources
  7. Be prepared to discuss blade design.
  8. Review course material Modules 1-5 for Quiz-1

End of Module-05

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Module-06 Wind Turbine Blades
  1. Exam-1 review
  2. Generator DataAnalysis Sheet
  3. Wind tubine blade discussion
  4. Wind turbine blade construction
  5. Turbine Blades and Ratios 
  6. Energy and Power
  7. Wind Power
  8. Electrical Power
  9. Wind Turbine Load Power Analysis- use your data
  10. Team-Instructor meeting (see previous module rubric)
  11. Wind Tunnel Data- No-Load
  12. Wind Tunnel Data- Electrical Load
  13. Excel Maximum Power Transfer Worksheet   substitute your data
  14. Instructor-Team meetings Instructor-Team meeting criteria
  15. Progress Report using this format Template

Homework HO-06

  1. One Page Project Status Report - Describe what you have constructed and what you have measured as a team. Include all the key generator parameter data. This is an individual assignment due next class.
  2. Danish Wind Reading Assignmment-1   **
  3. Complete Engineering Journal with design sketches and notes. Be prepared to meet with your team and the instructor.
  4. Wind Turbine must be ready for testing week
  5. Examples of Wind Turbine Plans. Use these plans for your improved wind turbine  

End of Module-06

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Wind Tunnel Testing Wind Power  Electrical Power

Dimensions and Base Units

PowerPoint Presentations

Wind Power Calculations

  1. Engineering Failure Powerpoint Presentations
  2. Dimensions and base Units
  3. Metric-US Unit Conversion Chart
  4. Metric-US Unit conversions
  5. Using Microsoft Word
  6. One Page Memo Assignment
  7. Volume Unit Conversion
  8. Excel Convert - Put units in " ": "in", "cm" "m" .....
  9. Wind Power Discussion
  10. Wind Power Calculations
  11. Sketching Evaluation

Homework HO-07

  1.  Read, answer the questions and print out  Wind  Power reading Assignment-2 
  2. Quiz on Module-8
  3. Sample Quiz questions

End of Module-07

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Module-08  Wind Tunnel testing Betz's law Universal Units Tip to Speed Ratio Power Coefficient
  1. Wind tunnel testing notes
  2. Wind tunnel Test Data Sheet
  3. Sample wind tunnel data
  4. Wind turbine Tip to Speed Ratio TSR
  5. Tip to Speed Ratio TSR worksheet
  6. Power Coefficient
  7. Engineering Journal Evaluation
  8. Team Sharing Exercise-Meet with other groups and ask questions

Homework HO-08

  1. Read, answer the questions and print out Wind Power reading Assignment-3   **
  2. Complete the wind tunnel Excel analysis sheet. This is due next class and will count as a test grade. The Excel sheet should appear as illustrated in the PDF of the Excel sheet.

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Module-09  Dimensionless Numbers Design vs. Analysis
  1. Grade and review quiz
  2. Dimensionless Numbers
  3. Dimensional Analysis web site
  4. Dimensional Analysis Notes
  5. Illustrated dimensional analysis problems.
  6. Design problem -Wind generator
  7. Design Solution
  8. Excel Conversion Function
  9. Work on improved wind turbine

Homework HO-09

  1. Complete  Analysis worksheet-Tip speed ratio and CP sheets
  2. Complete the Design problem solution on Excel
  3. Complete the competitive analysis one page report.
  4. Be prepared to meet with your team and the instructor next week for a status report.

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Module-10  Scientific and Engineering Notation Project Rubric  Algorithms
  1. Wind turbine modification and testing
  2. Final Project Rubric-Fall 2016
  3. One Page report due
  4. Analo-Digital compared
  5. Analog vs. Digital more links
  6. Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)
  7. Binary Numbers
  8. Scientific and Engineering Overview
  9. Scientific and Engineering Notation Tutorial
  10. Scientific and Engineering Notation
  11. Project Status Report
  12. Design vs. Analysis

Homework HO-10

  1. Gas pump flow chart due next week
  2. Complete Gas Pump Flow Chart for next class
  3. Start Project Status report

Top of Page

  1. Wind turbine modification and testing
  2. Flow Chart Symbols
  3. Flow Chart Basics
  4. Gas Pump Flow chart Assignment
  5. Flow Chart Hints
  6. Project final report template. 
  7. Project final report website
  8. Student Report Example
  9. Project meeting with instructor
  10. Finalized Project report
  11. Final Report Procedure Outline
  12. Final Report Web Page Template

Homework HO-11

  1. Power Curve Homework   **-Complete, print and turn in
  2. Project Team Meeting and Journal Entry - complete, print out and turn in
  3. Complete the wind turbine Project and bring it to next class for Presenation

Top of Page

  1. Wind turbine modifcation and testing
  2. Gas Pump Solution-Handout
  3. Team Project Presentation
  4. Final Exam Review
  5. Submit Engineering Journal for grading
  6. Takehome Final exam - Emailed to me by 4:00 PM July-5

Homework HO-12

  1. Engineering Journal updating

Top of Page

  1. Wind Turbine overall analysis
  2. Final report preparation
  3. Final exam review
  4. Review of EngineeringJournal rubric

Homework HO-13

  1. Review all assignments
  2. Update engineering journal

Top of Page

  1.  Final Exam
  2. Team Presentation
  3. Engineering Journal Grading

Week of

  1. Final Project Review
  2. Final Exam Review

Final Exam Week

Week of DEC 14-18

  1. Project Final Report Presentation (web site pages)
  2. Final Exam
  3. Engineering Journal Evaluation.
  4. Course evaluation

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