About Distance Learning

About Distance Learning


Welcome to this distance-learning course, an Internet site where you will access all course materials and be able to communicate with me.

Most of you are probably in this course because it is convenient. You can complete homework/essays assignments in your bathrobe. There is no rushing out the door with a half-eaten sandwich so you can make it to class on time, no babysitter to pay, and no gas to buy.

However, some students enroll in the course because they think it is going to be easy. Wrong! That is one of the many myths I would like to dispel.

Myth 1:  This course will be easy.
Composition 1 is a bonafide 3-credit, college-level writing course that is fully transferable.  You will be expected to produce college-level writing and will be graded by the same standards I use when teaching this course on-campus.

Myth 2: I can get the work done when I'm ready.
While you  do the assignments at your convenience, you need to adhere to the deadlines that are listed in the Master and Weekly Schedule. Distance-learning courses can be a successful learning experience, provided you are self-motivated and have sound time-management skills. Since this class doesn't meet at a designated time, it will be easy for you to "let things go," but don't. Use the Course Schedule module to keep you on track. You may want to print it out and post it near your computer or in another prominent spot.

Myth 3: There is no one to talk to if I have a problem.
As your instructor, I want you to know that I am available to answer questions--no matter the type, no matter how many, and--thanks to email--no matter when. How quickly I respond will depend upon the depth of the reply required, how many prior emails I have, and when I receive yours. While I often feel as if I live in front of a computer, I really don't. Sometimes I have another course to deal with or a family commitment--just as you do. However, I will respond to your email. So if you have a question about  a reading, an assignment, or a correction I have made to an essay--just contact me. I will reply. In fact, I encourage you to contact me. Teaching via distance learning can get lonely, too. Email keeps us connected.

Myth 4: This course will be a solitary experience. It may feel that way at times, but--again--that statement is not true. In this course, you will be asked to connect with other classmates, primarily through the discussion board.  CCRI also has a support system available to you--from our Instructional Technology Department to the Writing Center. You can make an appointment with staff from our Writing Center to get one-on-one help with an assignment. I also have posted office hours on the Course Policy page, so you can call me or stop by to visit.

Put on your slippers and enjoy the course!

This page developed and maintained by Kathleen Beauchene. Send comments and suggestions to kbeauchene@ccri.edu.

Last Updated: 12/10/18