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Martin T. Marshall


Professor Marshall has over 45 years of teaching and industrial experiences in computer -related services. He owned and operated the first independent microcomputer store in Rhode Island. He sold and serviced Apple Computers. While being involved in the computer industry, he provided specialized educational programs for The Providence Journal, Federal Products, Hasbro Corporation, BOC Gases and other companies desiring specialized in-house training programs.

For over 32 years he was employed as a full-time professor at the Community College of Rhode Island. While a member of the Computer Studies Department he taught computer literacy, Microsoft operating systems, and application software to include Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Prior to being a member of the Computer Studies Department he was a member of the Technical and Industrial Studies Department. While a member of that department he taught Electronic Technology to include subjects such as electronic fundamentals, sold state circuitry and computer hardware.

While in the armed services(1959-1962) he was enrolled in several electronic programs to include radar repair which became his primary job classification.

Upon leaving the armed services he was employed as a field engineer for Philco Corporation and later transferred to Honeywell Corporation where he eventually moved into their data processing educational division. Simultaneously he pursued collegiate courses which lead to his receiving a Bachelor of Science and Master's degree.

In addition to teaching on-site courses in industry, he is presently teaching at the Community College of Rhode Island.


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