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Community College of Rhode Island

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Task Force
Name Position E-mail Phone
Lela Morgan Co-chair 401-825-2142
Ron Schertz Co-chair 401-825-2179
Ruth Sullivan Policy Center Liaison 401-825-2233
Michael Cunningham Policy Center Liaison 401-825-1061
Implementation Team
Marisa Albini Jane King
Dave Alfano Bill LeBlanc
Elizabeth Arendt Jeanne Mullaney
Ruth Barrington Barry O'Connor
Dale Boyle Cathy Poirier
Michael Cunningham Gina Santoro
Kristen Cyr Ellen Schulte
Dusty Haller Sandy Sokoll
Maddie Josephs Ruth Sullivan
Tracy Karasinski Denise Yordy
Original Steering Committee 2008-2010
Name Position E-mail Phone
Bill LeBlanc Member-at-large 401-825-2225
Jeanne Mullaney Member-at-large 401-333-7222
Steve Vieira Member-at-large 401-825-2004
Kristin Cyr Marketing & Communications support 401-825-1175
Elizabeth Arendt Co-chair Philosophy Dimension 401-825-2012
Tracy Karasinski Co-chair Philosophy Dimension 401-825-2305
Carol Panaccione Co-chair Organization Dimension 401-825-2011
Joanne Galliano Co-chair Organization Dimension 401-825-1166
Dale Boyle Co-chair Learning Dimension 401-333-2356
Sharon Hoffman Co-chair Learning Dimension 401-455-6059
David Alfano Co-chair Campus Culture Dimension 401-825-2264
Marisa Albini Co-chair Campus Culture Dimension 401-825-2141
Kay Johnson Co-chair Transitions Dimension 401-825-2058
Lisa Mallozzi Co-chair Transitions Dimension 401-825-2308
Maddie Josephs Co-chair All Students Dimension 401-333-7418
Barry O'Connor Co-chair All Students Dimension 401-455-6031
Dusty Haller Co-chair Diversity Dimension 401-455-6085
Eric Klein Co-chair Diversity Dimension 401-825-2305
Cheri Markward Co-chair Roles & Purposes Dimension 401-825-2167
Deb Watson Co-chair Roles & Purposes Dimension 401-851-1637
  Co-chair Improvement Dimension    
Ruth Barrington Co-chair Improvement Dimension 401-825-2184

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