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Community College of Rhode Island

Contact Information

Lynn Gudeczauskas
Tel: 851-1704

Leslie Florio
Vice President
Tel: 825-2220

Crystal Bergantine
Grievance Chair
Tel: 455-6092

Janet Vigorito
Tel:  825-2003

Richard Swearingen
Website Content Manager
Tel: 851.1608

General Information:


A Message From Lynn Gudeczauskas Our New President

Well, it is great to have a complete Executive Board again! We have two new board members, Crystal Bergantine, our new Grievance Chair, who has done a terrific job jumping into her new position and Leslie Florio, our new Vice President that has quickly begun her new duties. I have complete faith that these two ladies will do a great job representing all members to the best of their ability.

I would like to thank the Special Election Committee members for their hard work and dedication, responding to our aid when needed. Also, I want to thank all ESPA members that took the time to vote. If our union is to be strong, we need everyone’s participation!

As a new board, we have many new ideas and plan to start implementing them as soon as possible, but our top priority is our contract. Please submit any suggestions you may have for contract wording to one of the following Negotiation Committee members:

Lynn Gudeczauskas 851-1704
Leslie Florio 825-2220
Crystal Bergantine 455-6092
Richard Swearingen 851-1706
Kerry Murphy 851-1615

 All ESPA Executive Board members have input on all union issues and most decisions are voted on by the entire Executive Board (unless a conflict of interest should arise). But most important, ALL ESPA members have a voice and we welcome any suggestions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you for your continued support!

Lynn Gudeczauskas

ESPA President

A Message From Crystal Bergantine Our New Grievance Chair 

I would like to thank everyone who voted and supported me in the recent election for the Grievance Chairperson. I have met many new people in my travels to the campuses and was able to put some faces with names. I appreciate everyone who took time out of their day to show me around and introduce me; the conversations we engaged in and the comments and suggestions made during those visits are all in the forefront of the work ahead of me. 

Coming from a family of union employees and supporters, it is my mission to bring our union members closer together and solve the issues we face today in a clear and evenhanded manner.

I am using all the resources and training available to do my best representing each and every one of you. We have a goal to get back to the proper process and follow the procedures stated in our contract and bi-laws for filing grievances. To get us moving towards this goal we have a “Back-to-Basics” training that all Grievance Committee members will be attending. 

Again, thank you all. I look forward to working with our Executive Board and all members of our union.

In Solidarity, 

Crystal Bergantine

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Last Updated: 10/29/15