Fostering an Inclusive Environment

Under the auspices of the President, the Office of Institutional Equity provides leadership and guidance to the CCRI campus community on issues of equity to foster inclusive learning and workspaces.

Through educational initiatives, consultation and oversight of our College’s harassment prevention and nondiscrimination policies and reporting systems (including all aspects of AA/EEO compliance and Title IX), the Office of Institutional Equity serves students, faculty and staff as a primary resource for reporting incidents of unlawful harassment or discrimination, exploring the various dimensions of equity, diversity and multicultural competence and recognizing the strength of inclusive communication practices in shaping the CCRI community of learners and employees.

A Message from OIE...

In alignment with our mission, the Office for Institutional Equity
is committed to respectful dialogue and the fostering of a diverse and inclusive community.
Although recent campus, local, national, and international issues may prove challenging,
sharing different perspectives can foster a more dynamic and inclusive community.
However, to truly promote understanding and education, this sharing of different
perspectives must respect the dignity and worth of each human
being and reflect the wide range of human
experiences, beliefs, and practices.

equalHow OIE Can Help

We offer wide-ranging services that help address questions such as these that can arise in the minds of managers and staff alike:

  • How do you work successfully with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups, work experiences, values and beliefs?
  • How can our differences and similarities be understood and leveraged?
  • What does it take to tap the creativity and innovation inherent in a diverse team environment?
  • What are the skills required to harness the power of multiple viewpoints and different life experiences to increase innovation, creativity and high performance results?
  • What are the qualities of a work culture and climate where diversity not only survives and is tolerated but also thrives and flourishes?

OIE partner with leaders, managers, faculty, staff and administrators across CCRI to address questions such as these in order to help create an inclusive climate and affirm our commitment to the principle of equity.


The Resources page has been compiled as part of OIE’s continuing efforts to provide an array of information to the entire CCRI community about he various aspects of equity, diversity and living in a truly multicultural society. Our goal is to provide an entry point for civil discourse and facilitated dialogue about the numerous ways in which we identify, communicate and share our stories. This page can be used as an adjunct to the educational programs OIE already offers to departments and work teams, or as a resource in developing strategies and plans to improve inclusion and engagement within a new initiative. On the Resources page, you'll find links to publications (books, journals, reports, etc.), as well as links to electronic sources (websites, blogs, etc.). In addition to our contemporary news items found on the OIE homepage, we're always adding new information to the Resource page that we hope you find informative, engaging and worthy of prompting discussions of culture, race, ethnicity, gender, ability and the many different intersections of lived identity that we share. We will regularly expand the resources within this , so we hope that you will visit it often and share its content with your colleagues. We also welcome your feedback about its usefulness and/or other resources that we might include.

Education, Facilitation and Consultation

Our staff provides consultation, needs assessment, strategy design, coaching and a range of dynamic educational workshops and learning solutions designed to raise awareness, increase understanding and enhance skill development to optimize the working and learning environments at CCRI.

Workshops, retreats and presentations are customized to address a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics including:

  • Creating an inclusive and respectful workplace
  • Cross-cultural communication (including intercultural awareness)
  • Leading and managing diverse teams
  • Sex and gender diversity education
  • Breaking the cycle of subtle bias, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • Developing diversity leadership teams and committees
  • Search committee strategies for identifying qualified, diverse talent pools and conducting an equitable process

Our efforts address various dimensions of diversity through enhancing, developing and sustaining a climate of inclusion in which people feel valued and respected.

If you are interested in tapping the expertise of OIE for the area you manage, please send an email to ecanning@ccri.edu.

Last Updated: 4/16/18