My Journey to EOC: Jean Nsabumuremyi

Jean Nsabumuremyi At the age of twenty-four I came to Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center (RIEOC) office after I arrived in the United States. Before my settlement in Rhode Island, I had spent twelve years of my life in different countries as a refugee, including time in the refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. I was fortunate enough to have completed high school education. Nonetheless, there were few opportunities for refugee youths to attend colleges or universities. When I arrived in Rhode Island, my main goal was to attain a college education. However, I had a lot of questions.

How could I pay for college? How could I navigate the admission application process? It was during this time that a friend told me about the RIEOC at the Community College of Rhode Island. RIEOC answered all these questions for me. I met with a counselor, Anthony Carrion. Anthony assisted me with the financial aid application and explained the enrollment process at CCRI. The assistance I received from the center enabled me to complete my associate degree at CCRI and then transferred to a four-year college. Later I obtained a Master of Public Administration degree and came back to CCRI to work with RIEOC as a counselor.

eoc trioWorking with RIEOC has been my way of giving back to a community that supported my education tremendously. I appreciate the fact that I can guide new and transfer students through the complex process of admission and financial aid applications. I have an opportunity to inspire a student from a first generation and low-income family every day, which is the reason why I love what I do. I understand the challenges of going to college as a first person in your family, and I feel rewarded for my work to help others achieve their academic goals and realize their potential. I want my students to do better than I did.

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