Frequently Asked Questions

What the Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center does

What is the Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center (a.k.a "EOC")?

EOC is a program that assists adults 19 years of age and older who want to enter or continue a program of postsecondary education. EOC also assists teens that have dropped out of school without completing their high school diploma.

The RI Educational Opportunity Center is funded through the US Department of Education, TRIO programs. Other TRIO programs include the Educational Talent Search Program and the Student Support Service programs like ACCESS to Opportunity at CCRI, and the RIC Preparatory Enrollment Program (PEP) in addition to Upward Bound at Rhode Island College, and the McNair Scholars program.

How does EOC help students?

  • Advice on financial aid
  • Assistance filling Federal financial aid applications
  • Help student find appropriate scholarships for education
  • Assist with negotiations on defaulted student loans
  • Advocate on behalf of student with admission and financial aid offices
  • Provide assistance with admissions applications
  • Provide admission application fee waivers
  • Provide transfer information assistance
  • Assist with transfer admission applications
  • Provide transfer admission application fee waivers
  • Assist student with career and interest surveys and assessments
  • Provide up-to-date listing of current academic and vocational training opportunities
  • Refer students to appropriate social service agencies if needed

Why go to EOC for assistance?

The process of figuring what career path to follow, filling out financial aid forms, admissions applications and making sure deadlines are met can be overwhelming. EOC assists students in making this process less frightening. With the help of EOC, students are able to navigate quickly through all the necessary paperwork, their financial aid forms are filled out correctly, their admissions applications are in on time and they are able to search for scholarships to fund their education. Students who know they need additional training or education but are unsure of what course work to follow, benefit from EOC services too. EOC counselors are able to assist students in finding their best career path and academic program.

Who goes to EOC for services?

During the last program year, EOC counselors saw over 4200 individuals. EOC assists any one who requests services regardless of income, as long as two-thirds of EOC clients are low-income first generation students. During the 2000-2001 academic year, eighty-nine percent were both low-income and first generation*. (*First generation means neither parent graduated from a four year college).

Of the students who were served by EOC during the last academic year over thirty-five percent attended the Community College of Rhode Island. Other schools EOC students attended include Rhode Island College, the University of Rhode Island, Providence College, Rhode Island School of Design, Roger Williams, Sawyer, Johnson & Wales, Salve Regina and other out of state schools including, Virginia State, Temple, St. Joseph and Howard University.

The RI Educational Opportunity Center is a TRIO Student Support Service program funded by the US Department of Education. Send comments and suggestions about this website to

Last Updated: 9/24/18