Department Mission and Objectives

The mission of the department is the mission of the community college. This includes preparing students to be informed and effective citizens, educating them to be continuous learners, training them to maximize their employment opportunities and assist them in full filling their potential and aspirations.

Objectives and Goals

The objectives and goals for the department is to support the CCRI mission by providing the highest quality STEM based education for the citizens of Rhode Island. This includes:

  • Transform the current networking and computer support certificates and degrees to world-class programs that prepare students for employment with stackable industry credentials or certifications (CERTs).
  • Maintain an engineering transfer program that meets the articulation requirements for most public and private engineering colleges.
  • Continue to develop an effective Engineering Systems Technology degree that maximizes student employment and transferability opportunities.
  • Develop a series of manufacturing technology certificates and degrees that matches the highly technical, advanced manufacturing industry.
  • Build upon the current Energy Utility Technology certificate with an expanded effort relating to renewable energy technologies and process control.

Contact Information

Paul D. White
Department Chair
Tel: 825-2178
Knight Campus

Main Office

Knight Campus
Room 2232


Paula Arruda
Administrative Asst.
Knight Campus
Room 2232
Tel: 401-825-2156

Last Updated: 2/21/19