The Galway Kinnell Poetry Series: From the First Thirty Years

Selected by Randy Blasing

With thanks to Becky Yount, Norm Grant, Gene Grande, Alicia Lyon,
Kathleen Beauchene, John Cole, and the Flanagan Campus Student Association


John Ashbery: "At North Farm"

Randy Blasing: "Raw Bar"

Dan Chiasson: "'Scared by the Smallest Shriek of a Pig, and When Wounded, Always Give Ground'"

Henri Cole: "Self-Portrait in a Gold Kimono"

Dana Gioia: "Cruising with the Beach Boys"

Louise Gluck: "Ararat"

Daniel Hall: "A Fifties Fourth"

Jeffrey Harrison: "God's Penis"

Seamus Heaney: "Digging"

Galway Kinnell: "Rapture"

Phyllis Levin: "May Day"

William Matthews: "Mingus in Diaspora"

James Merrill: "The Broken Home"

Molly Peacock: "Say You Love Me"

Kay Ryan: "Turtle"

Gjertrud Schnackenberg: "Supernatural Love"

Elizabeth Spires: "The First Day"

Richard Wilbur: "The Writer"

C.K. Williams: "The Foundation"

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