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Randy Blasing
Rm. 1363, Flanagan Campus
Tel: 401-333-7393

The Galway Kinnell Poetry Series:
From the First Thirty Years

Selected by Randy Blasing

With thanks to Becky Yount, Norm Grant, Gene Grande, Alicia Lyon,
Kathleen Beauchene, John Cole, and the Flanagan Campus Student Association

  • John Ashbery: "At North Farm"
  • Randy Blasing: "Raw Bar"
  • Dan Chiasson: "'Scared by the Smallest Shriek of a Pig, and When Wounded, Always Give Ground'"
  • Henri Cole: "Self-Portrait in a Gold Kimono"
  • Dana Gioia: "Cruising with the Beach Boys"
  • Louise Gluck: "Ararat"
  • Daniel Hall: "A Fifties Fourth"
  • Jeffrey Harrison: "God's Penis"
  • Seamus Heaney: "Digging"
  • Galway Kinnell: "Rapture"
  • Phyllis Levin: "May Day"
  • William Matthews: "Mingus in Diaspora"
  • James Merrill: "The Broken Home"
  • Molly Peacock: "Say You Love Me"
  • Kay Ryan: "Turtle"
  • Gjertrud Schnackenberg: "Supernatural Love"
  • Elizabeth Spires: "The First Day"
  • Richard Wilbur: "The Writer"
  • C.K. Williams: "The Foundation"

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