Overview of Distance Learning at CCRI

Distance Learning at CCRI extends the college's mission of offering affordable open access to higher education by providing the college’s diverse student population with more flexible learning venues.  Distance Learning offers access to the same rigorous educational experience that students receive at any of CCRI's campuses, without the constraint of traveling to a campus at a specified time.

The majority of students who take online courses at CCRI are enrolled in one of CCRI's programs of study, and are taking only one or two online courses to supplement their on-campus courses. 

There are no fully online programs at CCRI, although several programs offer more than 50% of their degree and certificate requirements online.

Resources specific to distance learning at CCRI include:

  • Distance Learning for Students website with a comprehensive orientation to online learning, course search for online courses, and links to support services;
  • Introduction to Learning Online one-credit orientation course for students;
  • OnGOALS online student orientation and support, currently offered to all students taking an online course for the first time at CCRI;
  • The DL Faculty Forum, which is a Blackboard course containing resources and a discussion forum in which all DL faculty, all faculty and staff interested in DL, and all academic administrators are enrolled;
  • The Distance Education Faculty Coordinator, whose responsibilities include supporting DL faculty and coordinating all departments in providing high quality online courses;
  • The Distance Learning Advisory Committee, which revises and supports the DL Policy, requests DL support from non-academic departments through the governance process, and which advises on DL best practices;
  • The Distance Learning Policy, which specifies policy related to online learning;
  • The Centers for Instruction and Technology, which provides technical support to DL faculty, particularly in creating courses within the Blackboard Learning Management System and in use of other technology to support teaching and learning;
  • The Online Pedagogy Course, a five-week online course that instructs faculty in pedagogy and policy specific to online teaching.

If you are a faculty member at CCRI who is interested in teaching online, contact the Distance Education Faculty Coordinator or the VPAA's office for further information.

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Last Updated: 12/18/17