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Distance Learning Notes - October 27, 2004

Present: Linda Beith and JoAnn Warren Co-Chairs; Luis Malaret, Karen Allen, Rob Melucci, Robyn Younkin, Terry Squizzero, Judy Murphy, and Jamie Nash

Absent: Phil Sisson, John Whitman and Martha Vigneault,

Agenda Items:

  1. Prioritize issues/concerns generated during last brainstorming session

Existing CCRI students will be surveyed anonymously. It was proposed that the survey be made available to the college community using either Pipeline or a form on the IT page. Surveying the entire student population may render useful information related to the following:

  1. Assignment of team and/or individual to work on specific issues

Sub-committees were established to address issues/concerns raised at initial meeting. The following individuals volunteered or will be asked to participate in the following sub-committees:

Sub-Committees have been charged with identifying additional issues/concerns and prioritizing items prior to next DL Committee Meeting (Scheduled for 11/17 at 2:00 pm).

  1. Establish a timeline for completion of recommendations to VP Sherman (No Action)

Define Distance Learning at CCRI

A brief discussion ensued related to the difficulty in defining Distance Learning at CCRI. Members present agreed to review various definitions to help shape CCRI's Distance Learning Program.

Next Meeting: The Next scheduled meeting of the DL committee will be held on Wednesday 11/17/04 at 2:00 pm in the Distance Learning Rooms on the Knight and Flanagan Campuses.

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