Distance Learning Orientation

Guy using computerThe advantages to distance learning can also be the source of its challenges.  Distance learning requires the technological skills necessary to manage your learning environment, the time management, organization, and motivation to stay on track, and excellent reading, writing, and communication skills.

This orientation is designed to prepare you for success in the distance learning environment.  Proceed through the following links.  There are suggestions for where you can find additional help.

Assess your readiness. 
These two short quizzes will help you determine where your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Get off to a good start! 
Learn what this orientation will do for you and start planning, gathering resources, and setting goals.

Take advantage of technology
Make sure your home system is set up for distance learning, make a back-up plan, and use these tutorials to learn the technologies you will need for an online course.

Communicate effectively
Learn how to communicate effectively with your professor and other students using email and the discussion board.

Tour the CCRI library.
Learn how to use the CCRI databases for research and learn to evaluate online resources. Review the definitions of plagiarism and copyright violation.

Manage your time.
Read over these time management strategies and find the organizational tips and tools that will work best for you.

Stay motivated!
Set yourself up for success by following the advice in this orientation, and motivation will be easy!  Find additional tips here.

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Last Updated: 12/18/17