Library and Online Research Primer

students in libraryFinding and evaluating information resources is a critical skill for college students as well as for many professionals.

The CCRI library is available to all distance learning students (as are all CCRI services). This guide provides a brief overview to CCRI library resources as well as a guide to evaluating Internet resources and a review of plagiarism and copyright violation.

Overview of CCRI library resources

Evaluating Internet resources

Plagiarism, copyright violation, and academic honesty

Overview of CCRI library resources

library id with barcodeThe CCRI library offers access to print and online books, journals, and other resources. Your CCRI ID works as your library card. Once you get your ID from Student Services, bring it to any one of our four campus libraries to have it activated. Once the library has activated your ID, you will be able to borrow materials from CCRI and most academic libraries in Rhode Island. You will also be able to access the Library’s subscription databases from off-campus.

When ordering materials or accessing databases from off-campus, you will be prompted for your barcode number, which is the 14 digit number located directly below the actual barcode on your ID.

If you are a Distance Learning student and it is not possible for you to go to one of CCRI’s four campuses, you can activate your CCRI ID remotely by going to this web address and filling out this form.

The CCRI librarians have written research guides to help you use library resources. Read through these guides to make the most of the library resources available to you:

The library offers two excellent courses to teach you how to research effectively. To learn more, consider registering for LRCT 1010 Introduction to Library Research or LRCT 1015 Library Research.

Evaluating Internet resources

The CCRI librarians have written a research guide on evaluating web resources. You may sometimes wish to use information found on the Internet in your college courses. Can you trust it? Follow the suggestions in the research guide to evaluate web sources.

Plagiarism, copyright violation, and academic honesty

The CCRI librarians have written a research guide on plagiarism and copyright violation. Please read through this resource to ensure you fully understand these serious violations and how to avoid them.

You are responsible for following all policies in CCRI's Student Handbook, whether attending a class in person or online. In particular, the academic dishonesty policy applies to all work, whether in an on-campus or online course.

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Last Updated: 1/5/17