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Faculty & Staff

Dental Hygiene Faculty
Name Campus Office Phone Number E-mail
Kathleen J. Gazzola
Program Director
Flanagan 2374 401-333-7227
Julie Galleshaw Flanagan 2371 401-333-7226
Cynthia Johnson Flanagan 2376 401-333-7220
Francine Luizzi-Bench Flanagan 2376 401-333-7228
Janice Schmitz Flanagan  2371 401-333-7225
Melissa Sullivan Flanagan 2375 401-333-7422
Pam Wood Flanagan 2376 401-333-7238
Dental Hygiene Staff
Name Campus Office Phone Number E-mail
Karen Souza
Department Secretary
Flanagan (Near 2374) 401-333-7438
Lynn McShane
Clinic Manager
Flanagan Hygiene Clinic 401-333-7330
Ms Susan D. Hook,
Clinic Secretary
Flanagan Hygiene Clinic 401-333-7470

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Last Updated: 2/20/17