Academic Program Review Committee Recommendations

Thank you...

...for your patience while the Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee and the Academic Program Review Committee transition to a new committee called the Program-Based Review and Assessment Committee.

Internal Quality Assessment Committee will become the Program Review Committee fall '05.

The instrument used for program review will be revised and reviewed by the committee fall '05. Banner reports will be written to provide data to support the process.

A designated individual from each program will be responsible for the program review process. Appropriate compensation (release time or stipend) will be provided to the designated individual. (Note: how will faculty in accredited programs be impacted?)

The process for how program reviews will be conducted will be revised fall '05. The following elements will be incorporated into that process:

  1. Academic programs will be reviewed - not academic departments.
  2. Accredited programs will not complete the full instrument but will submit a portion of their self-study for review by the committee as the instrument for the process.
  3. The timeline for review will be either a five or six-year cycle.
  4. External validation will be a component of the new process.
  5. Student feedback data will be a component of the new process.
  6. Faculty/faculty dialogue will continue to be a component of the process.
  7. In addition, a public presentation/program showcase will be a component of the new process to celebrate program strengths/accomplishments.
  8. A timeline for remedy of "areas of improvement" will be designed with responsible individuals noted and resources allocated.
  9. A website will be designed with all relevant process information, supporting materials and summary reports.

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