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Leading Successful Projects

“I’m expected to manage different teams on projects that are important and have a lot of visibility. I have to focus each team, meet deadlines, and come in on budget. What process do I follow to pull it all together?”

Leading Successful Projects enables participants to identify and work with the key variables that impact how projects are defined, planned and implemented. The program also focuses on the interpersonal skills one must use to win and maintain the commitment, enthusiasm and support of the project team. The 2-day workshop is designed for 6–18 participants and includes the following:

  1. Getting Started - the big picture, success factors, and goals
  2. Getting Ready - defining resources, roles, and responsibilities
  3. Building An Action Plan - aligning resources, roles, and responsibilities
  4. Executing and Closing - monitoring, control, and completion

Managers, team leaders and members will be able to:

  • Understand the four phases that every project goes through.
  • Assess the probable impact of a project on business goals.
  • Determine the roles, tasks and activities needed to complete any project.
  • Ask the right questions in each phase of a project.
  • Use a clear system to track project progress and update stakeholders.
  • Motivate project team members to maintain their commitment and support
Who in Your Organization Will Benefit?

Any of the people in your company who are responsible for successfully completing projects: managers, team leaders and team members.

Why Attend?

Your people will be able to clearly assess the impact of any project on your organization’s goals. They’ll be better able to bring projects to successful conclusions. Your bottom-line will improve.

Practical Application

To give your people a thorough workout, the workshop is divided into presentation and discussion, and uses their own case as practical application.  Participants spend 1 day in a classroom understanding the basics of managing projects, spend a week working on their own project, then return to the class for 1 final day of presentations, discussions and reviews. 

Upon Completion

Leading Successful Projects gives your people new tools to work with the day they finish the workshop. The Leading Successful Projects workshop gives your employees the technical skills they need to define, plan and implement projects. It also gives them the people management skills to help them gain and maintain the commitment, enthusiasm and support of the project team.

Projects are always with us. Each new project has the potential to succeed or fail. After the training, your people will have the tools for project success.

Other Important Course Information:

Our approach shows your people how to:

  • Initiate a project: Is the problem or opportunity worth the investment?
  • Determine the feasibility: Can it be done? Have the best approaches been considered?
  • Define the project: Build an understanding and commitment to the goals and objectives of the project among the team members.
  • Plan the project: Develop the timing and responsibility for each step in the project.
  • Implement the project: Ensure that customer needs are met, on time and within budget.
The information in this course is the same language used in the internationally recognized Project Management Institute (PMI) Body of Knowledge.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can help bring this unique program to your organization.

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