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Understanding Client Medication

This course is designed so massage therapists and health care professionals can develop an understanding of the intrinsic factors of the pharmacological effect of the medications that many of their clients, physicians have prescribed. Students will learn the role that complementary and alternative medicines play in the lifestyle of today's massage clientele. Students will gain an understanding of and learn how to identify the differences between side effects and adverse effects of medications, herbs, homeopathic medications and flower essences.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the various delivery methods of medication
  • Learn the difference between side effects and adverse effects of medication
  • Recognize the dangers of most risky combinations of incompatible drugs and supplements
  • Understand the implications of specific medications as they relate to the major disease groups
Required Book

Drug Handbook for Massage Therapists by Jean M. Wible
ISBN-10: 0781763096

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