Occupational Options

The following list provides occupational options within each industry.

Skilled Crafts
for example, carpenter, cook, tailor, auto mechanic, jeweler, electronic assembler, farmer, TV repairer, dental laboratory technician, military service.
for example, drafter, airplane pilot, electronic technician, quality-control technician, surveyor, air traffic controller, technical illustrator.
Legal Work
for example, lawyer, judge, claim adjuster (insurance), FBI agent, paralegal assistant, customs inspector.
Manual Work
for example, truck driver, animal caretaker, sewing machine operator, machine tool operator, bricklayer, construction equipment operator.
for example, chemist, physicist, mathematician, computer programmer, architect, engineer, biologist.
Data Analysis
for example, accountant, auditor, computer operator, bank loan officer, payroll clerk.
Art Work
for example, commercial artist, clothes designer, interior decorator, photographer, painter, illustrator, animator.
Literary Work
for example, reporter, playwright, editor, novelist, poet, translator, publisher, editor.
Musical Work
for example, musician, conductor, singer, composer, dancer, piano tuner, sound technician.
for example, president or other officer of a business organization, hotel-motel manager, store manager, banker, office manager, government administrator, farm manager, restaurant manager.
Clerical Work
for example, secretary, mail clerk, dispatcher, stenographer, typist, receptionist, hotel-motel clerk, cashier, bank teller, telephone operator, keypunch operator, medical record clerk.
for example, dentist, doctor, veterinarian, optometrist, chiropractor, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner.
Personal Service
for example, coach, recreation leader, vocational instructor, physical education teacher, emergency medical technician, nurse aide, orderly, country agricultural agent.
Sales Work
for example, sales agent (real estate, insurance, auto, stocks and bonds), buyer, manufacturer's representative, travel agent.
for example, actor/actress, model, radio/television announcer, comedian, public relations representative.
Customer Services
for example, barber (hair stylist), beautician, police officer, gas station attendant, taxi driver, bus driver, waiter/waitress, security guard, flight attendant, food counter worker.
Social Services
for example, counselor, psychologist, probation officer, social worker, nurse, dental hygienist, sociologist, clergy, historian, physical therapist, x-ray technician.
Education Work
for example, elementary and high school teacher, librarian, college professor, corporate trainer.

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Last Updated: 1/8/18