Undecided About a Major? - That's OK

Our most important decisions require time and attention

Set aside some time, and take the following steps to become certain about your "best fit" major.

  • Contact Career Development and arrange to take career assessment inventories. Understanding who you are as a person (your interest, skills, values and personality) is necessary information to have when deciding on major.
  • Contact the Advising & Counseling Center to find out about CCRI majors and course requirements.
  • As you take classes, be aware of the subjects, activities, and readings that you enjoy and those you dislike.
  • Write a brief fantasy statement about what your most perfect career would look like. This exercise will give you insight into what motivates and interests you and give some indication of possibilities for majors.
  • Talk to people who are already working or studying in the areas you enjoy and find interesting. This will help you acquire first-hand information about majors and professions.
  • Inquire about CCRI’s Jobs and Internships program. The former will provide opportunities that will enhance your education and career readiness.
  • Review CCRI’s Graduate Career Placement and Transfer Report to get information on graduate employment, salaries earned, and to learn which RI/New England employers hire CCRI graduates.
  • Consider the pros and cons of your various options. If you’ve followed the suggested steps and still need help deciding on a major, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the Career Development office to discuss and evaluate the choices you are considering.
  • Remember, good decisions are made after many options have been explored and considered. As a final ingredient to your decision-making process, "listen to your inner voice". When all the research and discussing is done, it is this gut feeling that can add an element of certainty to your decision.

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Last Updated: 7/17/18