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About Cooperative Education at CCRI

Introduction to Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education program is designed to help students gain valuable experience in their field, develop contacts, build a stronger resume, and confirm career choice. The program combines 15 hours of weekly workplace experience with a seminar to prepare students before graduation to be ready for the working world.

The seminar is available as traditional class, meeting 1 hour and 40 minutes a week, or on-line. Students need to contact a CO-OP coordinator to see if they are qualified. For acceptance into the program, there is a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5, have passed College Writing or English Composition I and a required number of credits depending on your course of study.  The Career Placement program offers resume and interviewing workshops, job listings and other additional resources.

Some Co-op FAQs:
What is Cooperative Education?
  • 4 credit course offering students the opportunity to gain workplace experience related to a student's program of study.
  • Offered each semester as CO-OP I or CO-OP II
  • A student typically works 195 hours in a supervised work experience while attending a weekly class seminar
  • A student can earn academic credit for working part-time of full-time in a job related to their field of study
  • Students can use their current position if it is related to their academic program, or students can contact the CO-OP office for assistance in finding a placement.
Why Take Cooperative Education?
  • Students can apply on-line at or make an appointment by calling the Warwick CO-OP office at 825-2050 or the Lincoln office at 333-7254.
  • Review the course requirements with a CO-OP coordinator. Generally most programs require a minimum of 24 credits before CO-OP can be done. The Liberal Arts Program and some other programs may vary so consult a coordinator.
  • Students can review with a CO-OP coordinator if their current job would be suitable for a CO-OP placement. Other students can contact the CO-OP office to find a position which meets their learning objectives.
  • Register for the Cooperative Work Experience seminar using the TELUS system or MyCCRI on CCRI's home page
Where are students being placed?
  • Depending on their field of study, students work in a variety of private, public and non-profit agencies.
  • The CO-OP office has placed students in numerous companies throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts
Can I use my current job for Cooperative Education?
  • Students may seek approval to use their present job if it is related to their program of study, contact a CO-OP coordinator to see if your current job qualifies.

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Last Updated: 4/20/16