Request to Travel (TR-1) Form Process

A Request To Travel (TR-1) form must be completed whenever a College employee is going to travel out-of-state on official College business. At CCRI most out-of-state travel consist of travel associated with attending a conference or training session. Completing the TR-1 form allows the College to anticipate and plan for the cost that will be associated with the trip. Typical cost associated with out-of-state travel includes conference/training fee, transportation, lodging and meal allowance.

Traveler obtains a blank copy of the TR-1 form from the Travel Web Page - click here.  Traveler then completes the TR-1 form. Traveler, at this point, will also complete the Requisition to pay for the Conference/Seminar Fee form.  The traveler should attach the original conference registration form to the Requisition. If the traveler chooses to pay for the conference out of pocket, he/she will be reimbursed upon returning, provided a receipt with the organizations letterhead is submitted along with proof of prior management approval. Failure to provide supporting documentation and management approval will result in the claim being disallowed.

Upon completing the TR-1 form the traveler must submit the TR-1 form and the conference fee payment requisition form along with any agenda and a completed registration form to his/her Department Chairperson or Director for approval. Faculty must then submit the package of travel forms to the Faculty Travel Committee for review and approval. The TR-1, the conference fee requisition along with the agenda and the original registration form must be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for approval. The entire package is then sent to the Controller's Office for review.  Controller's Office will then forward travel forms to the Business Officer for approval.  All incomplete forms will be returned to the originator for completion.

Once the Request to Travel (TR-1 Form) has been approved by the appropriate supervisors and then the Business Officer, a travel authorization number will be assigned and entered in the upper right hand corner of the Request to Travel Form (TR-1 Form). A copy of the Request to Travel Form, with the approval number, will be returned to the traveler.  At this point, the traveler may make the needed travel arrangements using Short's Travel 866.498.7436 Toll Free or e-mail them at

Out-of-State Travel Banner Organization Codes:
Department Code
President WP1000
Academic Affairs WA1000
Faculty WA3000
Business & Finance WB1000
Student Affairs WS1000
Grants (enter specific grant number) Fund Code 22 & 25

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