Preparing the Out-of-State Expense Voucher

A travel expense voucher (A-14A) must be completed as soon as the traveler returns, but no later than the end of the following month.

NOTE: Noncompliance with the above may cause future travel approval to be jeopardized.

Upon returning, the traveler must file a travel expense voucher (Form A-14A) for reimbursement of the following expenses:

  • Conferences/registration fees, if prepayment was not made by CCRI.
  • Meal allowances.
  • Shuttle and/or cab fares.
  • Miscellaneous expenses.

Documentation (ORIGINAL RECEIPTS) that shall be attached is as follows:

  • Airline ticket
  • Hotel receipt*
  • Car rental form (if applicable)
  • Shuttle, cab fare, parking fees, toll charges
  • Copy of Conference Agenda
  • Itinerary issued by travel agent
  • Other supporting receipts (none required for meal per diem).

* NOTE: Any additional charges incurred by the traveler in excess of the room rate and applicable taxes SHALL BE PAID BY THE TRAVELER.

Upon review and verification of travel costs from the travel agency, the Controller's Office will process the payment to the employee.

The traveler should open and complete the Excel template version of the Out-of-State Travel form.

Print the sample form (PDF format) to review while reading these instructions. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

Instructions for completing the travel expense voucher:

  1. Insert the Traveler's name here.
  2. Insert the Traveler's CCRI Identification Number here.
  3. The Traveler's position at the College is placed here.
  4. Insert the Banner fund number to be charged here (Note: Banner information is listed below and is also available on-line or from the Business Office - 825-2384)
  5. Insert the authorized Banner organization code.
  6. Insert the Banner account number.
  7. Insert the Banner program number.
  8. Insert the DATE and TIME of departure from your residence.
  9. Insert the DATE and TIME of return to your residence.
  10. Indicate the Business reason for taking the trip.
  11. Insert the cost of transportation (excluding personal vehicle mileage), hotel, Taxi, shuttle bus, auto rental and parking in this section of the travel voucher.
    • If a conference or registration fee was paid by the traveler, the amount paid would also be entered in the Misc. section.
    • Please note that the State will not reimburse the traveler for any fee imposed by the travel agent for making the travel arrangements or for the issuance of paper airline tickets.
    • If you personally paid for the Conference Fee a cancelled check (photocopy of both sides) or receipt (on appropriate letterhead) from conference must be attached to voucher.
    • ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for transportation, hotel, auto rental, shuttle buses, taxi, parking, etc. must be attached as well as an AGENDA.
  12. Insert an X in the appropriate box for each question.
  13. The total of the meals and the miscellaneous charges are inserted here (the Excel Template version computes this amount). Meal allowance is on a flat per diem rate based on departure and arrival times. No meal per diem will be paid unless the Out-of-State travel includes an overnight stay. If the traveler's scheduled departure time is before noon, they will receive $30.00 for the first day of travel. If the traveler's scheduled departure time is noon or later, they will receive $15.00 for the first day of travel. Days between the departure and return dates are reimbursed at $30.00 per day. Upon return, if the traveler's scheduled arrival time is before noon, they will receive $15.00 for the final day of travel. Upon return, if the traveler's scheduled arrival time is noon or later, they will receive $30.00 for the final day of travel. No receipts are required to support the meal per diem claim.
  14. If the traveler drives to the conference or takes his/her vehicle to the airport etc., then the traveler must complete this section
  15. If the traveler has used his/her personal vehicle the expiration date of the auto insurance policy covering the vehicle being used must be noted.
  16. Traveler must complete the date(s), the start and end point(s), the odometer readings and the miles driven (in the Excel Template version of the form the miles driven are automatically calculated).
  17. Compute personal vehicle reimbursement using the mileage rate in effect at the time of the travel (the Excel Template version calculates this amount).
  18. Compute the total travel costs (the Excel Template version computes this amount).
  19. Print the Excel Template form, sign, and forward to your supervisor for approval. The supervisor will forward the completed form and supporting documents to the Knight campus for processing.
Department Code
Out-of-State Travel Banner Organization Codes
President WP1000
Academic Affairs WA1000
Faculty WA3000
Business & Finance WB1000
Student Affairs WS1000
Grants 22 & 25
Type Code
Banner Account Codes (AC)
Out-of-State Travel 716000
Conference Fees  714283 (Staff)
714284 (Other)

NOTE: Attachments MUST include the air fare stub, the original hotel bill and other original receipts. Although you will not enter the air fare or hotel cost onto the Expense Voucher, the original bills must be attached. Please be sure to attach an AGENDA.

*MS Excel documents require MS Excel to view or print


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