Preparing the Out-of-State Expense Voucher

The purpose of the form is to document the costs of a trip. Some of these costs, will have already been paid for by the college, such as the airfare and hotel, while other costs may have been paid out-of-pocket by you, such as baggage fees or shuttle fees.

The Out-of-State Travel Expense Report is required for reimbursement of your out-of-pocket travel expenses. In order for your out-of-pocket travel costs to be reimbursed, the costs must be allowable travel expenses pursuant to the college’s Out-of-State Travel Policy. Allowable travel expenses may include:

  • Conferences/registration fees, if prepayment was not made by CCRI.
  • Meal allowances and tips (per diem)
  • Shuttle and/or cab fares
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Documentation (ORIGINAL RECEIPTS) shall be attached as follows:

  • Airline ticket, or boarding pass, or printouts of electronic copies of either document.
  • Hotel receipt (room and tax only)
  • Car rental form (if applicable)
  • Shuttle, cab fare, parking fees, toll charges
  • Copy of Conference Agenda
  • Itinerary issued by travel agent
  • Other supporting receipts (none required for meal allowance – per diem)

An Out-of-State Travel Expense Report must be completed as soon as the traveler returns, but no later than the end of the following month.

Please complete only the cells which are shaded. All other cells are locked to prevent data entry. Please contact the Controller’s Office at 825-1097, if you need assistance with this form.

    1. Enter the Employee Name.
    2. Enter CCRI Identification Number.
    3. Enter the Position Title.
    4. Enter the Department.
    5. Enter the Division.
    6. Enter the Period Covered Details
      • 6.1. Departure Date
      • 6.2. Departure Time (on your ticket or itinerary)
      • 6.3. Return Date
      • 6.4. Return Time (on your ticket or itinerary)
    7. Enter the Purpose of Travel including the business reason for taking the trip.
    8. Description of Charges: Enter the cost of transportation (excluding personal vehicle mileage), hotel, uber, taxi, shuttle bus, auto rental, and parking, in this section of the travel voucher. For each type of expense enter:
      • 8.1. Yes or no, depending on whether the expense was paid by the college.
      • 8.2. The amount of the expense.
      • 8.3. In this section, exclude any personal vehicle mileage. Personal vehicle mileage may be claimed further down on the form.
      • 8.4. Auto rentals must have preapproval documentation attached.
    9. Meals and Allowances: Half days and full days automatically calculate based on your departure and return days and times. Meal allowance is on a flat per diem rate based on departure and arrival times. No meal per diem will be paid unless the out-of-state travel includes an overnight stay. The meal allowance covers meals and incidental expenses, such as tips and gratuities. If the traveler's scheduled departure time is before noon, they will receive $50.00 for the first day of travel. If the traveler's scheduled departure time is noon or later, they will receive $25.00 for the first day of travel. Days between the departure and return dates are reimbursed at $50.00 per day. Upon return, if the traveler's scheduled arrival time is before noon, they will receive $25.00 for the final day of travel. If the traveler's scheduled arrival time is noon or later, they will receive $50.00 for the final day of travel. No receipts are required to support the meal per diem claim.
    10. Enter any comments here (optional)
    11. Required Documentation: Insert an X in the appropriate box for each question. A copy of the approved Travel Request is required to accompany this form.
    12. If you paid the conference fee out-of-pocket, a canceled check (photocopy of both sides) or receipt (on appropriate letterhead) from the conference, must be attached.
    13. Original receipts: for transportation, hotel, auto rental, shuttle buses, taxi, parking, baggage fee, etc. must be attached as well as an AGENDA. If traveling by common carrier (e.g., commercial airline, train) departure and return times must match itinerary, tickets, boarding passes, or issued travel documents. Auto rentals must have preapproval documentation attached.
    14. Automobile Travel Charges – Mileage Reimbursement for Use of Personal Vehicle:If the traveler drives to the conference or takes his/her vehicle to the airport etc., then the traveler may complete this section.
    15. The traveler must enter:
      • 15.1. The date(s) of travel
      • 15.2. The start and end point(s)
      • 15.3. The miles driven (the total miles driven will be automatically calculated).

Accounting Detail by Banner F.O.A.P. (Fund Organization Account Program)

  1. Enter the Banner fund number to be charged (Note: Banner information is listed below and is also available online or from the Business Office - 825-2384).
  2. Enter the Banner organization code.
  3. Enter the Banner account code.
  4. Enter the Banner program code.

Print the Excel form, sign, and forward to your supervisor for approval. The supervisor will forward the completed form and supporting documents to the Controller’s Office, Knight Campus, for processing.

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Last Updated: 4/17/19