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COMI-2035, COMI-2036, COMI-2037

Introduction to Computer Forensics - COMI-2035

This course starts with basics in computer technology to build a foundation for understanding where evidence can be found. It introduces students to technology and procedures of acquiring and analyzing digital evidence taken from computers. This course also exposes the students to software being used in the industry.

Introduction to Computer Ethics - COMI-2036

This course explores the ethical impact of computer technology in the world, as well the rules and regulations that ensures the proper use of technology, Internet crime, privacy protection and first amendment rights that protect our freedom in cyberspace are closely examined.

Introduction to Cybersecurity - COMI-2037

Cyber Security is a primary concern of the U.S. government as well as most major corporations in the country. This course introduces students to the opportunity that exists in the cybersecurity field. Topics such as certified ethical hacking, cyber threats and vulnerabilities and cryptography are introduced.

Advanced C# Programming - COMI-2225

This course introduces the student to advanced topics in programming and software design using C#. Applications include Windows event driven applications, classes, abstract classes and inheritance, ADO.NET data driven applications using database, ASP.Net for web applications, Collections, File Streams, and applications using a mobile device.

Introduction to Computer Virtualization - COMI-2055

This course is hands on coverage of Virtual Computing including installing, configuring, and using virtualization products.

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