Faculty & Staff Listings

Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Adjunct Faculty

Name Web Phone E-mail
Christine Alterio     calterio@ccri.edu
Lorraine Bello     lbello@ccri.edu
Gene Bessacini     gbessacini@ccri.edu
Glenn Browning     gbrowning@ccri.edu
Kollie Bryant     kkbryant@ccri.edu
Katy Cabral     kacabral@ccri.edu
Manny Correia   825-1143 correia@ccri.edu
Kevin Crawford   825-1149 kcrawford@ccri.edu
Robert Defelice     rdefelice@ccri.edu
Claire Dumas     cdumas@ccri.edu
Cheryl Fenner     cfenner@ccri.edu
Felix Fontes     ffontes@ccri.edu
Tracy Furtado     tfurtado1@ccri.edu
Gene Grande   333-7031 ggrande@ccri.edu
Michael Izzo     mizzo@ccri.edu
Jason Kayarian     jkayarian@ccri.edu
James Kirby   825-1178 jkirby@ccri.edu
Robert LaBanca     labanca@ccri.edu
Gina Laudone     gmlaudone@ccri.edu
Nicola LaManna     nlamanna@ccri.edu
Joseph Lanni     jlanni@ccri.edu
Charles Lehourites     clehourites@ccri.edu
Dawn Lewis   825-1160 dalewis@ccri.edu
Marty Marshall     marshall@ccri.edu
Michael McNally   825-2412 mmcnally@ccri.edu
Thomas Mitchell     tmitchell@ccri.edu
Robert Nutt     rnutt@ccri.edu
Wade Price     wprice@ccri.edu
Jeffrey Rand     jwrand@ccri.edu
Jim Stravato   825-2020 jstravato@ccri.edu
Bortie Teh   825-2415 bteh@ccri.edu
Eileen Zisk     zisk@ccri.edu

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