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Beebe and Beebe

Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach
(Required for adjuncts)

"Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach brings theory and practice together in an understandable and applicable manner. Its distinctive and popular approach emphasizes the importance of analyzing and considering the audience at every point along the way, with marginal icons highlighting audience-related discussions. This model of public speaking serves as a foundation as the text guides students through the step-by-step process of public speaking, focuses their attention on the importance and dynamics of diverse audiences, and narrows the gap between the classroom and the real world."  
Lucas, Stephen E.

The Art of Public Speaking

"Whether a novice or an experienced speaker when beginning the course, every student will learn how to be a better public speaker through Lucas' clear explanations. Creative activities, vivid examples, annotated speech samples, and classic and contemporary rhetoric provide students a strong understanding of public speaking."  
O'Hare, Dan, Rob Stewart, and Hannah Rubenstein
A Speaker's Guidebook
"This innovative book combines coverage of every topic typically taught in the public speaking course with an appealing design and quick reference features that get students to open the book and find what they need. Unique advice on speaking beyond the speech classroom, along with a host of reference appendices, supports students' in their other courses and in the workplace."  

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