Media Production and Distribution Fundamentals

Course Description:

Students in this course will gain a practical understanding of the planning and distribution of media productions and film projects. This course incorporates budget, networking, and marketing media strategies. In addition to learning through lectures, screenings, and labs to gain an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of the business side of media, students will use digital technology to optimize media for broadcast, web, commercial, and social media outlets across various devices. Digital methods will include media streaming, DVD authoring, television, and podcasting. Special attention will be given to providing students with practical experience in preparing their own media portfolio for presentation to prospective employers, clients, and college or university admission. (Prerequisite: Communication 1000) Lecture: 3 hours


Text: Compression for Great Video and Audio, 2nd ed.
Author: Ben Waggoner
Publisher: Focal Press, 2009


Sample syllabus - RTF document

Student Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Identify the fundamentals of video and audio compression
  2. Explain the connection of the digital workflow and media distribution with content and communication goals
  3. Identify the common video distribution codec’s and formats and explain the benefits and disadvantages of each
  4. Identify and explain the development of current trends in media distribution
  5. Explain how contemporary devices have shaped the development of media codecs
  6. Identify and explain suitable strategies for marketing a media production or film project

Course Measurements:

  1. Attendance
  2. Class participation
  3. Quizzes
  4. Exams (mid-term and final)
  5. Written assignments
  6. Audio and video encoding assignments
  7. Presentations/portfolio

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction: light, sound, uncompressed video & audio/Pre-production plan
  2. Fundamentals of compression/Digital video production workflow/Budgeting
  3. Preprocessing/Casting & crew
  4. Video & audio codecs/Production plan
  5. Directing
  6. Flash Video/Equipment purchases & rentals
  7. Windows Media & VC1
  8. Web video & html 5/Optical disc/Phones & devices
  9. Marketing strategies
  10. QuickTime & Mac OS & Media on Windows
  11. Market opportunity and segmentation
  12. Flash & Silverlight

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