Field Production

Communication 2200

Course Description:

This course builds on basic video production principles learned in COMM 1000 and COMM 2100 and incorporates field production techniques. Students will use both analog and digital technology. Lectures, screenings, and hands-on labs provide an in-depth understanding of video production and related business topics. Also included are technical aspects of scripting, lighting, camera operation, continuity, post-production editing, logistics, and preparing a production budget. (Prerequisite: COMM 1000) Lecture: 3 hours


Text: Video Field Production and Editing, 7th edition
Author: Ronald J. Compesi
Publisher: Allyn and Bacon


Syllabus- RTF document


COMM 1000: Foundations in Video and Audio Production

Course Objectives:

  1. To develop an awareness of the three stages of production
  2. To understand the roles and responsibilities of various personnel involved in the production process
  3. To develop knowledge of and skills with basic video production concepts, equipment, and processes
  4. To develop knowledge of and skills with location shoots, specifically, location lighting, audio, and setting up a location shoot
  5. To develop knowledge of and skills with basic audio production concepts, equipment, and processes
  6. To develop knowledge of and skills for conducting an interview
  7. To demonstrate basic understanding of communication production technology by developing projects
  8. To incorporate techniques and practices recommended within the industry
  9. To further develop post-production skills gained in COMM 1000 and COMM 2100
  10. To demonstrate a high level of critical and creative thinking regarding decision making
  11. To encourage students to work as a contributing member of a production team, engaged in processes commonly used within the communication production industry 

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