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Required Placement Exam FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the Chemistry Placement Exam?
The Chemistry Placement Exam is required for those who wish to take Basic Skills for Chemistry (CHEM 1020), Survey of Biomedical Chemistry (CHEM 1010), General Chemistry I (CHEM 1030) or Health Science Chemistry I (CHEM 1180). The purpose of this exam is to make sure that each person takes the class that best matches his or her science and math skills. If a person takes a class for which he or she is not suited, that person could struggle with the class or be bored. Both of these situations can result in lower than desirable grades.

Should I study for the Chemistry Placement Exam?
The exam is designed to measure what you have already learned, not what you can cram into your head a few days before you take the exam. If you want to brush up on previously learned skills such as algebra, that is fine. There is no need, however, to try to learn new ideas. If you do not understand chemistry well, that is what you will learn in class!

I think I will be fine in class. Do I really have to take the Chemistry Placement Exam?
Please, take the Placement Exam! It is one of our most reliable measures of whether you will be prepared for a particular class. There are, however, extenuating circumstances that might allow someone to take the class without the exam by getting permission from the chair. Please be advised that these circumstances are rare and permission to skip the Chemistry Placement Exam is not regularly given.

What is on the Chemistry Placement Exam?
The Chemistry Placement Exam consists of three parts: math, general science and chemistry.

What if I fail the Chemistry Placement Exam?
No one fails the Chemistry Placement Exam. The score that you receive will guide you to a math or chemistry class that suits your skill level.

How long is the Chemistry Placement Exam?
You will have approximately one hour for the exam.

How do I take the Chemistry Placement Exam?
Call one of the following numbers to schedule the exam: 

Knight Campus (Warwick) - 825-2301
Flanagan Campus (Lincoln) - 333-7159
Liston Campus (Providence) - 455-6149
Newport County Campus - 851-1631

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Last Updated: 2/17/17