General Chemistry Lab Manual

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Significant Figures

Gas Laws by Vernier Method

Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical Separation

Physical Properties

Behavior of 2 Families

Empirical Formula

Stoichiometry: The Reaction of Iron with Copper sulfate

Molarity of Acetic Acid in Vinegar

Molarity of Acetic Acid in Vinegar - Kreiser

Cu Transformations

Gas Laws

Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid

Emission Spectroscopy

Geometrical Structures: Molecular Modeling

MW by Freezing Point

Classification of Chemical Substances

Empirical Formula Modified

Physical Separation Techniques Modified

Appendix I:  Pipetting

Appendix II:  Solubility Rules

Appendix III:  Graphing

Appendix IV:  Cations

Appendix V:  Anions

Appendix VI:  Density of Water

Appendix VII:  International Atomic Weights