Community College of Rhode Island

Career Research Form

Fill in the table with information pertaining to the career you have researched.
Career Researched
Source of Information
What Responsibilities and Duties are involved in this career?
(research, writing reports, counseling, supervising, maintaining records, selling, etc.)
List the Skills required for this career.
(speaking, writing, numerical, electronic, etc.)

List at least 5.

What Personal Qualities would be beneficial for someone entering this career?
(patience, assertiveness, good follow through, etc)

List at least 5.

Whom would you be working mostly with?
People-nursing, teaching
Data-computer science, research
Things-physical work, equipment
Ideas-strategizing, communicating, and writing
What type of Working Conditions would you have?
(closely supervised, on your own, working with others, outdoors, fast-paced, etc)
What is the average Entry-level Salary in this career ?

What can an Experienced person earn?

What is the current Employment Outlook?

What is the outlook 5 to 10 years from now?

What Education or Training is required for this career?
(Associate, Bachelors, Ph.D., professional degree, on the job training, etc.)
What places would Employ someone in this profession?
(government, industry, university, research institute, small or large business, retail store, technology manufacturers, etc.)
When finished, please print out and answer the following questions.

According to the information gathered, does this career interest you?


What specific steps do you need to take to prepare for this career? (educational training, skill development, etc.)




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