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Interviewing Tips

Be Prepared

Preparation is key to a good interview. In order to convince an employer that you're the best candidate for a position,  you must be able to communicate with confidence the value you bring to the organization in terms that address the needs of the employer.


Interview Review


  • Review your work history and education. Identify you best qualities (skills, values, interests, talents, successes).
  • Research the company. Know their products or services and be prepared to ask some related questions.
  • Think like the employer. What would you need to hear in order for you to hire someone for this position? Use this question as a guide to determining how to answer questions posed to you. Be well practiced in answering common interview questions.
  • Identify three to five assets you want the interviewer to know you have. Volunteer the information if the questions asked don't easily elicit the information from you.
  • In advance decide how you will serve the needs of the employer. Think in terms of quality of work, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and lower waste in time, effort and resources.
  • For the interview, dress in clothing that's suitable for the job or one step up.
  • Let your handshake feel comfortable yet firm. A handshake shouldn't be limp or too tense.
  • Maintain good eye contact through out the interview.
  • Reflect energy, enthusiasm and confidence during the interview.
  • Be concise and clear when discussing your qualifications. Use examples to support your claims of skills, competencies and personal attributes.
  • Mention any accomplishments (in work or school) that are of particular merit.
  • At the end of the interview, ask when a decision will be made.
  • Within a day or two of the interview, send the interviewer a thank-you note, thanking him/her for the opportunity to interview, reaffirming your continued interest in the position and reminding him/her of what makes you a qualified candidate.
  • If you haven't heard from the employer within the time indicated, you may call inquiring about the status of the position. You may want to reemphasize your interest if a decision hasn't been made.

Interview Review

Take the following categories into account when reviewing your performance.

  1. Overall level of confidence.
  2. Handshake, eye contact and gestures.
  3. Body language that conveys confidence and a positive attitude.
  4. Skills and qualifications emphasized throughout the interview.
  5. Responses that were concise and clearly addressed the questions.
  6. Asked pertinent questions.
  7. Persuasive or convincing interview style.
  8. Conveyed enthusiasm and interest in the job.
  9. Ways to improve performance.


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