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About Work Readiness

Getting employed is a multifaceted process that takes into account networking for job leads, experiential career opportunities, mentoring, using employment resources, resume writing, interviewing, communicating your value, and negotiating the best job offer. Preparation is essential to this process. To be successful when looking for a job, a person must have knowledge about the resources and the strategies that open doors.

  • Know the resources, people, agencies and organizations that can help you (college career advisors, Department of Labor & Training, career websites, temporary employment agencies).
  • Build a network of contacts that can provide job leads and/or information about your desired occupation (someone in your career field, friends or relatives, college placement staff, professional association members, past employer).
  • Research companies. Find out about potential employers (through the internet, the business section of the newspaper, a company’s annual report, and business directories).
  • Get work experience in your field before graduation (volunteer in field, consider an internship, seek part time employment in your field).
  • Become proficient in written correspondences related to employment (resume writing, cover letter, thank-you letter, letter of introduction).
  • Develop interviewing skills. Be prepared to talk about how you will contribute to the organization. Identify issues and problems the company faces and discuss possible solutions.
  • When deciding whether to accept a position, let your decision be based on all that you have come to understand and know about yourself and the world of work through your investment in the career development process.

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Last Updated: 8/4/16