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PSYC 1110

The Career Information Seminar (PSYC1110) is a 2-credit psychology course designed to help students formulate career goals and understand the process of vocational development. PSYC 1110 is particularly of value to undecided students and workers in transition. Coursework includes taking self-assessment inventories, identifying skills and interests, and learning how to incorporate this information into a career decision. Students also research potential occupations and become familiar with varied resources that will assist them in reaching their career objective.

Most important, students develop a career plan that incorporates specific strategies to education, career readiness and employment. Sample classroom topics include Choosing a Major, Workplace Trends, Putting Your Best Skills Forward, Constructing a Resume and Interview Preparation.

Three elective credits can be earned when the Career Information Seminar is taken in conjunction with the Seminar on Student Success (ENGL1000).

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Last Updated: 5/24/17