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Making a Career Choice

Choosing a career is rarely an overnight decision. Because many factors need to be taken into account, making a career decision means a commitment of time and energy to figure out your best career path.

Most people will spend half of their waking hours on the job for approximately 40 years. As such,  it becomes especially important to choose a career that involves doing work that is satisfying. Work that is in line with your values, interests, talents and capabilities is likely to bring about a sense of accomplishment and achievement to your life and make what you do in your workday all the more meaningful.

Simply, the best career choice *fulfills the need to express what’s most important to us, *enables us to capitalize on our best assets and rewards us in a multitude of ways that *help us  "make real" our desired lifestyle.

A well thought out career decision not only adds value and purpose to your life, but gives you the means to express and fulfill your potential. As a result, 40 years in your chosen profession  becomes a joie de vivre...what a way to celebrate your life!

You increase the likelihood of making a "best fit" choice by taking the following important steps as you decide on your future career.

  1. Check yourself out! Contact a career counselor and arrange to take self-assessment tests. Or try some self-exploration exercises and then schedule an appointment to review your results. Consolidate all the information you’ve gathered about “you” into a Self-Profile.
  2. Use information, use knowledge, and use resources to understand the world of work. Find out about occupations, professional organizations, companies and economic trends when gathering information for making a career choice.  In career resources you'll find listings of websites, resources and materials to help you with your research.
  3. Develop your ability to make sound and well thought out decisions. Evaluate and match your personal profile to requirements of various majors and careers. Deciding on a Direction
  4. In order to achieve your career goal, you’ll need a strategy…that is, steps  that  will  lead you to the goal post. Learn how to develop a career plan to get you there.

Most important, on your way to deciding on a career or major, don't forget to use all the resources that are available through CCRI: Career Planning, MyCCRI, Student Services, Jobs and Internships, Library, CCRI Catalogue, Campus Clubs and Organizations, and still more. Good luck to you in your career search!

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Last Updated: 2/13/17