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About Career Development

Career Development is a lifelong process of personal/professional growth and skill building. It prepares you to research information, build decision-making skills, strategically plan a path to a goal, and become resourceful and flexible in the face of inevitable work world changes.

Career Development requires knowing yourself and knowing what resources out there can help you determine your true vocation. It also includes using your  imagination to visualize  yourself in various occupations…call it a “try-on-for-size” strategy to connect to career possibilities. It introduces you to a variety of methods, such as networking, informational interviewing and mentoring, to point you in a career direction. It equips you with the confidence and knowledge to redirect your efforts as circumstances or interests change.

The Career Development process is self-empowering because in addition to gaining the practical know-how, you also find that by incorporating your uniqueness into career decisions, you have created the conditions for career satisfaction.

There’s no exact formula to get you to your career goal, however, this website with its Career Development emphases, does provide you with the necessary tools and guidelines. Use it well, use it often and make further strides along your career path by following-up with an appointment with Career Development.

Remember to include the Career Development office, Psyc1110 and LRCT1020 as valuable resources for your career development.

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Last Updated: 2/2/17