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Personal Safety on Campus

Throughout the year the police department prepares and distributes through the appropriate media crime prevention and personal safety hints. These publications are available to all members of the college community. To assist police in keeping the campus crime-free we recommend the following to all members of the college community.

  • Look alert, assertive, self confident, and in control. Those who look lost, confused, passive, or in a fog are more vulnerable.

  • Stay aware of your surroundings

  • Stick to well lit and well travel areas

  • Walk or jog with a companion at night

  • Have your keys in your hand as you approach your car or building

  • Request an escort if you feel uneasy or concerned for your safety

  • If approached by a would-be attacker don't panic. If you panic you won't be able to out think or out maneuver the attacker.

  • If threatened the first order of business is getting away. Drop anything that might slow you down.

  • Don't accept a drink from anyone you don't know and trust.

  • Don't get into an elevator with someone who looks out of place or behaves in a strange or threatening way.

  • Be careful when using bathrooms that are isolated.

  • Report all harassing phone calls, emails, etc. to the College Police.

  • Report all suspicious persons or activity to the College Police.

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Last Updated: 8/2/16