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Screening and Discipline

The Community College of Rhode Island complies with all federal, state and local regulations relating to the prohibition of criminal conduct, including those which regulate the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, and firearms. Regulations governing student conduct are contained within the Student Handbook. Employees are notified by the Office of Personnel Services of all pertinent regulations.

In compliance with state law, applicants receive a thorough background investigation conducted by the College Police before attending the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy. Rhode Island State Police conduct a national background check on every applicant selected for a position within the Police Department.

Policy on Off-Campus Affairs

The College shall have jurisdiction over student conduct which occurs on campus property or in correlation with College functions and affairs. The College shall also have discretion to exercise jurisdiction over conduct which occurs off-campus and which would violate student conduct and discipline policies or regulations if the conduct occurred on campus when

  1. the alleged misconduct indicates the student may be a threat to the safety or security of members of the College community or College property, functions or facilities, or
  2. the alleged misconduct involves academic work or any records, documents, or identifications of the College.

Specifically, Student Judicial Affairs may choose to exercise jurisdiction over off-campus incidents under section (1) above where the alleged misconduct involves:

  1. rape or sexual assault, any other physical assault, threats of violence, or conduct that threatens the health or safety of any person;
  2. stalking, sexual harassment, dating violence or domestic violence.
  3. possession or use of weapons, explosives, or destructive devices;
  4. manufacture, sale or distribution of controlled substances;
  5. hate crimes;
  6. hazing; and
  7. conduct which would constitute felony burglary, robbery, theft, etc.

Students involved in any of these offenses are subject to suspension or expulsion from the College.

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Last Updated: 7/29/16