Policy on Alcohol, Drug Use and Amnesty

The Community College of Rhode Island seeks to encourage and sustain an academic environment that both respects individual freedom and promotes the health, safety and welfare of all members of its community. In keeping with these objectives, the college has established a policy governing the possession, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the campus and conforming to the laws of Rhode Island. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol are strictly controlled by the College. Rhode Island law states that no alcoholic beverages can be sold, delivered or in any way be given to a person under 21 years of age. Anyone under the age of 21 who knowingly makes false statements as to his/her age in order to purchase or in any way procure alcoholic beverages shall be subject to appropriate prosecution existing under state law. Consistent with its educational mission, the College sponsors programs that promote awareness of the physical, psychological, social and behavioral effects of alcohol consumption. Assistance is available in finding community resources for those who are experiencing alcohol related difficulties.

The use of narcotics or dangerous drugs on the College campus violates campus policy and Rhode Island State Law. The law prohibits the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale, possession or use of any illegal drug. Educational programs and seminars are developed which provide significant information and literature regarding the implications and consequences of drug use.

Any student who violates institutional policy or law as it relates to the use of alcohol and drugs may be subject to disciplinary action taken by the College including suspension or expulsion.

CCRI does consider all factors when a community member is involved in a crime of violence and also in violation of the alcohol/drug policies. CCRI recognizes that students who have been drinking and/or using drugs (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) at the time of an incident of violence (such as Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking or Sexual Assault) may be hesitant to report such incidents due to fear of potential consequences. CCRI strongly encourages students/employees to report such incidents to officials. A bystander acting in good faith or a reporting individual acting in good faith that discloses any incident of violence to CCRI official’s or law enforcement will not be subject to disciplinary action for violations of the drug/alcohol policies. In certain circumstances CCRI may grant additional amnesty for violations.

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